Samaco gets ready to open Audi’s largest hub in Saudi Arabia

Samaco, the sole certified distributor for Audi cars in Saudi Arabia, announced the start of the last phase of the construction of Audi’s exclusive hub in the heart of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, called “Audi Terminal”, which will allow customers in the Western region of Saudi Arabia to be in touch of the Terminal with the Centre down to the best luxury vehicles

The opening of this new terminal comes within the general framework of the company’s mission and strategic plans for the development of its centers in Saudi Arabia to provide outstanding levels of service to its customers. The new Audi Terminal was built on the highest engineering standards and in accordance with Audi global brand specifications, and expected to be completed by the end of the first quarter of this year

The new Centre will house Audi’s largest showroom in Saudi Arabia, which can accommodate up to 40 cars, both new and used ones, this is in addition to an outdoor showroom for another 40 cars, as well. This state-of-the-art hub embodies all the brand attributes of Audi, a luxurious customer lounge and well trained staff to complete the Audi experience. It is equipped with mechanical and body paint bays, and trained service personnel geared to ensure quick, efficient service delivery

Commenting on this new mega project; Sheikh Mohammed Raffa, CEO of Samaco, said: ” The new Terminal was built in the heart of Jeddah. This new hub utilizes Audi advanced models, and integrated facility concept offering a one stop solution for sales and after-sales services, quick maintenance and certified pre-owned car’s center. Audi Terminal boasts a lavish luxury atmosphere, and it is easily accessible in view of its distinctive location, as it is located at the intersection of Prince Mohammed bin Abdul-Aziz (Talia) and Median Road. The new center, as well, comes in line with our commitment to provide the best possible services to our clients, wherever they are

Noting that  construction of  Audi Terminal has started  about 15 months ago, this building is considered as the cornerstone of a series of expansion projects that Samaco plans to implement in other cities in Saudi Arabia. This is to confirm that Samaco is the best car dealer invested in integrated centers to meet the needs of its customers

Opening of Audi Terminal is part of Samaco’s strategic plan to develop Audi brand in Saudi Arabia, and reflects the constant high demand for Audi cars in Saudi Arabia


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